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My Real Phen375 Review.

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Hi, I am John and I have a real problem with belly fat. I have struggled to lose the extra 10 pounds that have been sitting on my belly.

I have tried a couple of pills before but mostly they did absolutely nothing. Low carb diets and other diets helped a little but as soon as I stopped things got even worse. I was also miserable all the time as I was constantly feeling hungry.

After reading literally hundreds of reviews on Phen375 I decided to give it a try myself. After all the only real way to know if something will work for you is to try it personally.
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Does Phen375 Really Work - My Test

When reading any diet product labels or website information you always come across a statement somewhere that says something like this "Should be used with a calorie restrictive diet and recommended exercise program."

Being a difficult and sceptic person I really start to wonder what makes you lose weight - the diet pill or the calorie restrictive diet and exercise program. I decided to put Phen375 to a 14 day test to see the truth for myself -
can you lose weight by just using the diet pill without the diet and exercise program?

Using Phen375 only without a diet or exercise routine

I decide on a 14 day Phen375 challenge where I would take the pills without any willing change to my diet or normal eating habits and with no willing increase to my exercise routine.

I am a self confessed coffee addict who drinks up to 20 cups of coffee a day each containing 3 teaspoons of sugar. I get little exercise as I mostly sit at a computer all day. I eat a poor diet and I love it. I love coffeee, sugar and the food that I normally eat. I don't want to change my lifestyle but I do want to lose the belly fat. Lets see if Phen375 can help!

My experience in the first 3 days:-

Huge Energy increases - I am so full of energy all day and yet I have no problem sleeping at night. In fact I am probably sleeping better than ever before.
Definite reduced appetite - Without trying to eat less I find that my appetite is way down. I am eating less in an entire day than what I used to eat at one meal before.
No side effects - Apart from the light head experienced on the first day I have experienced no other side effects at all.
Weight loss - WOW - on the scale and discovered that I had already dropped by a massive 4.5 pounds (2Kg).
Before weight loss phen375
After using phen375 for 14 days
While I had read that Phen375 was good, I really did not expect to see such fantastic results without any effort on my side.

I was expecting that I would maybe drop 3 or 4 pounds in 14 days.

I was ful of energy, in a great mood all the time and best of all was losing weight without effort.

I really did not expect to drop nearly a full 10 pounds!

I can really recommend Phen375 to anyone wishing to lose weight fast.
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Me Before 192Lbs
After 14 days -182 LBS
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